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The era of Khans in Bollywood is over

The era of Khans in Bollywood is over

There was a time when all the three Khans used to rule in Bollywood, but now the time has changed. But unable to earn even 50 crores.

Ever since Modi ji became the Prime Minister in the 2014 elections, the career of these Khans is almost over, now very few films are released in their Bollywood and the film which is released also flops in a very dirty way.

People on social media say that these three Khans used to make fun of Hindu beliefs but still people used to watch their films, but now the time has changed and now people have started making fun of them, far from watching their films, they also like to hear their names. do not do

People ruined the career of the three Khans

What is the power of the people, now the public has shown that the public has proved that whoever they want, they can make them a star and whomever they want, they can make them a beggar.

Now the people of India have decided that they will survive only after getting all the three Khans out of Bollywood and we think it will happen because the public is God, the people do whatever they want and that is what happens.

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