Shantit Kranti: Web Series Story, Cast, Review 2021


Shantit Kranti Summary

Friends, every day something new comes on the OTT platform. Whether it is in the form of a web series or a movie, and this never reduces your entertainment. In such a situation, there is another new Marathi web series named (Santit Kranti).

Shantit Kranti Story

Marathi web series Shantit Kranti, starring actors Abhay Mahajan, Lalit Prabhakar and Alok Rajwade in lead roles, is coming on 13 August 2021. The series is about three friends who plan to go on a trip to Goa to escape their personal problems.
Shantit Kranti Series Review 2021

The trailer reveals that the road trip is a journey of self-discovery for each of them. Directors Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn jointly co-hosted the series. The series will be Bollywood actress Shikha Talsania’s first Marathi language project.

Prasanna, Shreyas and Dinar experience a turning point in their trip to Goa when they end up at “Shanti Van” instead of sandy beaches dotted with thriving pubs. He planned the journey to enjoy and deal with his life’s issues like relationship insecurities, uncertainties of life and unfulfilled desires.

But now they have to spend their days in such a place where they have to abstain from the consumption of alcohol, instead they have to survive on tea. With no network coverage and a disciplined lifestyle on the cards, will travel be in their favor?

Shantit Kranti Review Latest

Directors Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn have crafted a fine story of friendship, introspection and battling their insecurities and deepest fears. The protagonists share a loving relationship with each other, but each of them is attempting to cope with the pleasant realism of their lives.

Shantit Kranti Series Review

The best aspect of Shantit Kranti is that the trio realize the brutal reality of their lives and decide to make a life-changing decision by any means organic.

There doesn’t seem to be anything compelling about their actions or the camaraderie with each other. His co-appointments at the retreat also play an important role in his introspection and decisions. Fine writings by Abhay Mahajan, Anusha Nandakumar, Chetan Dange and Sarang Sathaye keep the essence of the plot alive.

Shantit Kranti Series Review

However, where the series fails, some scenes play no role in further enhancing the story. It is a bit confusing how Dinar (Alok Rajwade) suddenly becomes a ‘guru’ for some people by just day-drinking and giving some orthodox preaching.

It also has little to do with its final melting point in the end. The series would have looked more realistic if there had been more effort on the characters trying to work on the weaknesses and fears of Dinar and Shreyas’s (Abhay Mahajan) characters.

Whether it was Dinar’s fear of becoming like his alcoholic father or Prasanna trying to laugh at his nervousness, one could relate to his characters better if they tried to tackle these issues in a realistic way. There is an arc in the character of Kewal Prasanna (Lalit Prabhakar) where he reaches a crossroads and takes an important decision.