Shadistan movie Review: Kirti Kulhari


Shaadistan Review in Hindi:

Many such films were released during the Corona period, which can be seen without a brain. Most of the A-list Bollywood actors have appeared in such films. These actors have served the same masala on OTT as they have been serving in theaters for years. The life of OTT is the artistes who are taking risks without worrying about hits and flops. Actress Kirti Kulhari is also included in this list. His new film Shaadistan has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar, which does not attack the society but directly questions the people who make up the society.

Story of the film:

Well, from the name of the film it is not difficult to understand what it is about? It is said that marriages in India are not between two human beings but between two families. As an Indian, we say this with great pride and cry out for the values ​​of our country. While speaking this thing, when our chest becomes 56 inches, at that time we forget to ask the beating heart inside that chest, what is the real meaning of family? Kirti Kulhari’s marriage makes one think that the society is from you and not you are from the society. If we want to make a good society according to today’s time, then its definition will also have to change according to today’s time.

Highlights of the film:

There are many spice mixes in the story of the film Shadistan. It talks together on many issues like child marriage, arranged marriage, importance of education, women’s rights, status of women in Indian society and crucifixion for the society. The specialty of the film is that despite raising such heavy issues, Shaadistan does not stop anywhere. Each one moves forward like a pleasant journey and makes us think intermittently. The dialogues of the film are quite heavy but the situations in which they have been threaded, they do not ask to put more emphasis on the mind but directly strike the heart. Also Read – Urmila Matondkar is making a comeback after 10 years, will do item dance in Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Blackmail’

Film flaws:

The story of the film Shadistan has only one drawback, that is, it has a slight tinge of comedy in it. If deep things are spoken in a light way, they make more impact. The story of Shadistan begins on the Mumbai Highway, where the vehicles are running at a speed of 100 kmph but its story is unable to match that speed. Shadistan moves at its own pace, and you will have to be patient a bit to enjoy the journey. Also Read – The entire star cast of ‘Indu Sarkar’ reached the sets of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, pictures surfaced

Final Verdict:

Kirti Kulhari has given a great performance in Shadistan, but Medha Sarkar and Nivedita Bhattacharya do not look pale in front of their acting. Both of them have also given excellent performances and presented the emotional scenes beautifully. If you are with your family in Corona, then definitely watch Shadistan because such films affect everyone’s mind. We give 3 stars to Shadistaan ​​from our side.