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Balcony Buddies image
Balcony Buddies image

Balcony Buddies Summary

Balcony Buddies is an Indian film written and directed by Debtma Mandal. The film stars Amol Parashar and Ayesha Ahmed in lead roles. It is going to launch on 1st August 2021, a day before Friendship Day. It is the story of two strangers who become friends during the lockdown. The film is produced by Sage Films India

Balcony Buddies is an upcoming interactive film about a casual friendship between two strangers. MX Player introduces a new wave of storytelling with the story of the friendship of Sunanda and Prateek (essays by Aisha Ahmed and Amol Parashar), who become friends after getting bored of their lockdown routines and see each other on the balconies of their apartments. lets see.

The upcoming pilot film features an interactivity that gives the audience the freedom to choose between the two lead actors. The direction of the story will change as per the choice of the audience. The makers recently released the trailer of the film.

In the trailer, both its characters have new experiences during the lockdown. While Prateek tries to learn yoga from Sunanda, she is impressed by the idea of ​​a cup phone that is offered to the former to have a conversation with her. The two help each other out in office outfits, have virtual dates with each other and much more

Balcony Buddies image
Balcony Buddies image

Balcony Buddies Story

Today we are going to tell you about the web series. This is a friendship web series. In which 2 strangers become friends. Both are neighbors of each other. Their friendship starts from the balcony. That’s why the name of this web series is- (Balcony Buddies).

Balcony Buddy Web Series is a Latest MX Player Web Series Hindi Language Directing will be updated soon. This is a romance and drama web series. This web series has been made under the banner of MX Player. It is available on MX Player website. Balcony Friends Movie Review

Talking about the film, Ayesha Ahmed said, “I love making friends, so during the lockdown I used to randomly wave people from the roof of my building for some human interaction. Amol and I have known each other for some time so it has made filming this film easy and fun. Balcony Friends Movie Review

How you can find friends in the most amazing ways is a beautiful take and I hope the audience sees it as a breath of fresh air. It celebrates Friendship Day in the true sense and the interactivity element makes it more fun for the viewers. ”

Balcony Buddies image
Balcony Buddies image

Balcony Buddies Review

Friendship Day Special Movie on MX Player Watch Balcony Buddies Full Movie Online This Friendship Day, MX Player brings to you a fresh and quirky story of two friends in short movie, Balcony Friends. A special interactive film, Balcony Friends tells the story of two people who become friends in the pandemic-induced lockdown of 2020.

When the outside world was closed to everyone, Prateek and Sunanda found a new connection in the comfort of their balconies. Although the two may not meet each other physically, they do everything apart from a sweet social distance, from cooking together to playing games together.

Apart from the milan-pyari story, what makes the film even more special is that it is interactive for the audience. Now you can make major decisions for the characters in the story and choose how the story ends. Gather your friends and celebrate friendship day with Balcony Friends, the unique short film on MX Player. Know here about Balcony Buddies 2021 release date, Balcony Buddies cast name, Balcony Friends duration and more